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GENUINE IT SYSTEMS an ISO-certified provider of Audio-Visual and Lighting systems integration solutions, based in the UAE and INDIA. We have 10+ years experiance in this field. With a team of 25+ years experianced highly skilled professionals, our combined decades of experience and diverse range of expertise enable us to specialize in Media Facades, Digital Signage, and Audio-Visual and Lighting Integration projects for a variety of sectors including F&B, Nightlife, Museums, Theme Parks, Places of Worship, and Hospitality. Our world-class projects are executed with precision and completed on time and within budget.

Today, audio visual support extends beyond concerts, church halls, and wedding venues, and it plays a role in almost all businesses and experiences. If your audio visual components aren’t amplifying your message in a memorable way, they aren’t doing their job. We work to get your space equipped with the right technology to make a big impact. From your IT network, to your audio and video equipment, to interactive platforms that support real-time collaboration–we help all of your assets work together to provide a seamless experience and the clearest communication possible for everyone involved..

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GENITS provides secure and enterprise solutions for your workspace with industry’s best products and support. Above all, we provide tangible solutions across video conferencing and audio visual solutions.

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We help you to mirror your notebook or mobile device content on a shared projector, flat panel, or TV without a need to plug in a cable.

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WE can deliver powerful crystal-clear audio in various kinds of venues and environments.Choose GENITS and enter a new world of opportunities to enhance your experience with sound.

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Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) can enhance student engagement and learning in several ways: They are more intuitive and fun for students to use. Touchscreen capabilities, gestures, and drag-and-drop features make IFPs more engaging and game-like for students.

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Interactive, stand-alone devices that offer a physical user interaction. These devices have become an integral part of various industries, including retail, hospitality, and healthcare. They enhance customer service, streamline operations, and provide businesses with a competitive edge.

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It allows you to capture audio and transmit it to various devices, such as computers, amplifiers, or recording equipment.When you choose GENITS, you will experience the same high quality audio performance that the industry has trusted for years.

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